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Embrace Medical provides value for our clients with a multi-service customized consulting program to increase revenue. Let us help you create your vision.

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No patient should ever have to suffer from a DVT after elective surgerical procedures. Our goal is to supply your patients with DVT prevention before, intra-operatively and post-operatively.

We are there every step of the way, alongside nurses for your patients. Their safety and satisfaction with you and their procedure is why we come to work every single day! 


Could you be providing the best options for your patients recovery as well as ancillary income? We take the time to analyze your office, staff, time, and needs to determine the best program for your practice. Factoring in costs versus revenue is essential in deciding what works best for. your patients and for your vision.
A “one size fits all” strategy won’t create success in your business. 
Which is why we created these services to be custom tailored to YOU! 


We provide a customer service for your patients that reflects proudly as an extension of your office. Trusting Embrace Medical to care for your patients the same way you would eases your mind and confidence in their recovery.

Unlimited Access to us

We offer concierge elite services, you have unlimited access via email, telephone and in person to our team.


We take great pride in having a presence in LA and Orange County as a concierge wholesale distributor. Working with multiple manufacturers to suit your needs, our goal is in your business's success.


Embrace Medical creates vision and ancillary income. We are a Medical Consulting company providing the complete package for your clinics and surgery centers. Here we provide durable medical equipment for your patients from the comfort of their own home. We also provide wholesale consulting to help practices buildout their own DME in office. We work with multiple surgery centers not only providing portable mechanical compression devices and post-operative bracing, but also investment opportunities. We handle marketing personal injury by connecting doctors to lawyers that we have on our team. Embrace offers a multi-service customized consulting program. Let us help you create your vision.

Surgery Center DVT Prevention Options  at NO COST to your facility.

1. Intraoperative DVT prevention only: 
– All patients who undergo general anesthesia for 3o minutes or longer will receive a pair of SCD sleeves to be used during surgery and recovery at the facility.
2. Intraoperative & Take-Home DVT prevention/DME: 
Patients who have been assessed as a high-risk for post operative DVT may also receive take-home DVT prevention devices to help protect the patient during their recovery at home. 


  • Mechanical compression devices (SCDs) provided to your facility at NO Charge. 
  • Increased clinical efficiency and reduction in liability. 
  • Improve patient satisfaction. 
  • Increase Facility profit margin per patient. 
  • Established Risk Assessment Protocol
  • Decrease risk of infection.
  • Increase mobility by providing portable options while decreasing risk of falls. 

Customers reviews

Working with Whitney's elite concierge services has allowed us to reduce our post operative surgical complications. The plasma flow has really been a game changer for our business. Thank you Whitney for your elite service.
Leslye Chapman
General Manager, Prime Surgical Center
Being in the orthopedic field for 8 years, I have worked with a surfeit of sales representatives. Most have been helpful but not stellar and not true business partners. Whitney Reynolds is different. She understands our goals and our business model. She has been asset to our office.
David Gutierrez
dme coordinator, huntington orthopedics (HOSMG)
I am an orthopaedic spine surgeon in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area. I. have been working with Whitney Reynolds for the past few years - she has been my exclusive provider for durable medical equipment (DME) including spine and other orthopaedic braces. She helped me make it through the process of becoming a licensed Medicare DME provider, assisting me in making sure my office was compliant. She is very knowledgeable, hard-working and pro-active. She is very reliable and pleasant to work with. She has never let me down, and I highly reccomend her for all your equpment needs.
Jason M. Cuellar M.D., Ph.D.
Jason M. Cuellar M.D., Ph.D. spine surgeon
I am a neurosurgeon and I have been working with Whitney Reynolds since moving my practice back to Los Angeles for all of my DME needs. She has proven to be an asset to our office and continues to provide great customer service to my patients and staff. I would highly recommend her services to any physicians in need of durable medical equipment.
Dr Andrew Fox
Neurosurgeon, providence medical group
Ms. Reynolds has been instrumental in creating an amazing DME program for my private-practice orthopaedic clinic. Thanks to her help, resources, and attention to details, I am able to service DME for all my patients, regardless of payer. She has made herself available to myself and my office staff. We now have a fully integrated solution that links our offices and surgery facilities with our electronic medical records for effortless dispensing and billing of all our DME. I could not be happier with her attention to our practice and I recommend her to all my fellow surgeons looking to add DME to their practice.
Arash Dini M.D.
Arash dini M.D.

Whitney Reynolds, CEO

Armed with extensive knowledge and experience, Whitney is a healthcare DME expert with a love for business, strategy, healthcare and entrepreneurship. Whitney has worked with state of the art organization, elite physicians and business owners. Whitney’s passion lies in empowering and supporting her healthcare community to care for their patients and run successful businesses. 


Better recovery, Increase Prevention. These are the words we stand by. We not only believe in our products but we invest in you. We celebrate success your success! 

Paving the way for DVT prevention has shown us what an impact we can be on families. It’s amazing what happens when we put patients first. 

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